Is this blog actually about egg and bread?

Hell no – but I had this awesome egg and bread sandwich today from a street vendor for a grand total of 3 cedis (~1 CAD). Yes, I will be going back tomorrow.

So what will this blog be about?

I (Haroon, a young man from Toronto, Canada), have recently moved to Accra, Ghana for 3.5 months to work for an Engineers Without Borders (EWB) venture called the Mobile Business Clinic Africa. I start work a week today, and I’m pretty damn nervous about making an actual meaningful contribution to the project. More thoughts on this and the venture when I start work.

How will I write this blog?

I want to write it as a stream-of-consciousness blog as much as possible. I think that will help to keep me honest and unorganized while also saving me a whole lotta time.

SO, I landed in Accra last night, and I’ve spent the last day learning about the city and its culture. A few interesting findings:

  • The egg and bread is delicious
  • To get a waiter/server’s attention, you hiss at them
  • When a guy on Oxford Street tries to sell you a bracelet with your name on it, you say no (unless you really want it, in which case I’ve been told 5-10 cedis is a good price to haggle for)
  • I got 12 GB of mobile data for 75 cedis (~25 CAD)!
  • To flush the toilet at the guest house I’m staying at I require a big black bucket
  • Ghanaian taxi drivers don’t like to admit when they don’t know the way to a destination (the perseverance is admirable to be honest, makes me smile now, but it may turn frustrating down the road [;)])

A word of caution, I’ve only just begun to explore and learn about the city of Accra, so please take my findings with a grain of salt. I’m sure they will get less touristy and more deep/EWBish as time goes. Till next time.




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